Novelty is not for everyone. If it is for you, you would know. You would crave it with every decision you make. You look around yourself and see that it is your hardwired addiction to novelty that has brought you where you are, with the things that you have surrounded yourself with. The laptop that I am typing on, I bought not because it was the best for its price, not because it was placed right in front of me, but because it is completely different from my last laptop. The room in which I sit at the moment is a different room from the one I normally sit in, and the seat a different position.

We live in a society where we are “creatures of habit” and yet I hate the monotony that comes with habit to a bitter end. With all that said, you may mistake me for an individual without a plan or schedule to follow, for the sake of doing new things. However, I recognize all the benefits of habit that allow you to clear your mental to-do list to focus on more important things. In fact this year alone, I have created a hard schedule for myself to follow for every day of the week. It tells me when to run, when to study, and when to have fun. There’s no doubt that scheduling works wonders for your life. You accomplish what you need to and there’s time for yourself. But time and time again I find that these schedules leave me bored. It takes the exciting shine of life and dulls it down over and over and over, until there’s nothing left to grab a hold on to.

Schedules must be followed in our society- it’s how everyone works. This means that those of us who cannot live in the monotony of the mundane are left searching for the remaining bits of stimulation in the environments to which we belong. Instead of taking the shortest route to class now, I take a path that extends the walking time by 15 minutes just for a change of scenery. I change around my bedroom furniture just to feel some sort of excitement again. But the amount of times I can do this is limited, and it can’t go on forever.

So what do you do when you’re like me, and desperately need a change?

If I can’t change my schedule, and I can’t change my environment in a significant way, then I must change the people I talk to. I thought about doing other things like creating a new challenge for myself every single day or changing my mindset to be happy with what I have now. These might be viable options as well. But for now, I challenge myself, and anyone reading this that feels they need a change in their life, to find new people.

Every person you talk to unlocks a lifetime of wisdom and experience to share with you. This is more material than could be found in a book, show, or room. And the more people you include, the more rapidly your experiences expand. New people open doors to new experiences.

In terms of execution, this will not be easy for me. The thought of initiating conversation with those I haven’t ever tried talking with before is terrifying. I’m far from an extrovert and would definitely prefer keeping to myself in the moment. Yet talking to people is the best option in the long run. I’m surrounded by people everywhere I go, yet I only talk to a select few. My action plan now is to be more inclusive and outgoing in attempts to find a renewed excitement for life. All the while, I will not leave behind the best of what I have now, but it is time for some change.



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