All my life I’ve been seeing the best to everything. I crave to find the beauty and meaning in all the big and small things we encounter. I can carve purpose out of a pebble or love out of an enemy. I never had a name for it before, but now I know, that this is romanticism. It’s idealistic passion and drive. I wake up in the mornings inspired by the possibilities that life has to offer for me today. The possibilities are all that I live for. It is the chance to improve, the chance to excel, the chance to live. This is why if you ask me to describe an object or an idea, I would much rather give you the feeling it evokes, the spirit of that object or idea, than the concrete facts. Concrete facts can be mixed up, but spirit is unique. For example trust is not just reliability, it is the foundation of relationships. It is the unseeing belief in other people and things. You bestow a part of yourself in something or someone else, with an undying confidence that that part of you will be taken care of. It is a beautiful sensation felt by those who are brave enough to try with the possibility of failure.
As I think of the periods of romanticism in human history, it seems desperately clear that there is a need for a modern revival. In today’s world, reality is painful. We have a president that fails to acknowledge the beauty and accomplishments in science, education, and human life. He not only lacks this basic respect, but he blatantly opposes these lives in his actions and everyday demeanor. While I could speak to the great things that Trump has accomplished as well, when there are so many who just want hope and love for one another again, it seems extraneous to do so. Romanticism may very well seem like an escape from this pain. On its surface it is humanity’s dose of ecstasy, but dig deeper, and you will see that it is a catalyst for revolutionary thought.
We are stuck right now in a static slumber. It is as if we have been shocked from the events of the past, and are now unable to move beyond or see the world for how it must be seen. I would attribute this major event to be the advancements in technology and the personal computer. It has made us feel as if we have all that we could want, so what is there to change? This kind of mindset is toxic. It has been a long time since a true revolutionary has sparked any permanent debate in the way that life should be lived. So what we need now is not just the same old thought that leads to more pain. It is new idea, new hope, new life.
What romanticism offers to this world now is motivation to explore and be better. I’m surrounded today with people my age, and younger, who make jokes about suicide on the regular. I used to object but now I see that this is the societal norm for many. Self deprecation and the sharing of the pain in life is so common, that you can hardly navigate across the internet without finding some form of it. I was asked the other day what makes me so driven to work hard everyday. I thought about it– what made work so bearable to me and so impossible to others. I answered that it was my innate need and drive to live life. I am almost overwhelmed by the possibilities everyday, that I would be doing a disservice to myself to not try out some of those possibilities. While this is something that felt natural to me to feel, it could very well be natural to all of humanity. And with the improved advancements in technology today, this movement does not have to be limited to a single nation or people. It can be spread as rapidly as internet providers can carry them.
We need more people who feel the same way as I do to come out and be expressive– in art, but also in the everyday work place. To speak out the meaning and purpose in everything they do. These can’t come in the form of cliched quotes or tumblr-esque rantings. They must come from the heart and be deep and sure. Only then can we start to change the minds of those that have been stuck for too long. When we begin to see the spirit and love in life, we can start again, to wake from our slumber and get back to doing what we can with our lives.

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