It’s no a trick. The secret to life is no distant secret. It’s easy to know, easy to understand, difficult to execute. Here it is:

Push yourself past the limits of failure and you will find success.

This is something that has marinated in my mind for some time and as a result I have a very clear mental image of what this means. I will do my best to convey this instruction to you, the reader.

The idea is that success will always be disguised by failure. There are two doors before you– one that is worn down, with tiny spikes and bugs crawling all over it. The other? It’s shiny, white, and glows with a peaceful calm that pulls you in. You should be able to figure out by now that neither of the doors are as they seem. The clean glowing door will lead you to a mirage of happiness that leaves you with a tinge of emptiness inside. The beaten up door though will lead you to a lifetime of genuine happiness. You’ll know it’s real because the problems in life will still exist, but it’ll all feel worth it.

While I am by no means suggesting that life is as easy as choosing the right door, this conveys the right idea. It’s that only the person willing to put himself or herself through complete and utter failure will have a chance at succeeding. There is a comic that may make this idea more concrete in your mind.

What’s the proof? Thomas Edison’s infamous 100th light bulb. Mahatma Gandhi’s fearless voice of freedom. Elon Musk’s startup venture for space travel. Every single success story was made a success by risking it all at one point or another. This fearless commitment to dream big with no back up plan was what allowed them to transcend the state that many of us are currently stuck in.

This idea is thoroughly described in Napoleon Hill’s timeless novel “Think and Grow Rich.” Don’t let the title deceive you, money is not the only thing that this secret will unlock for you. This idea first took root in my mind through reading this book and it has grown on me ever since.

One of the most surprising elements of the secret is not the secret itself, but our failure to recognize it in the everyday world. It’s so readily accessible to us, yet it is hard to identify unless it is spelled out to you. Even main stream culture highlights this idea in movies like The Dark Knight Rises. There is a memorable scene involving Bruce Willis in which he must remove the harness that protects him from falling to death first before he can escape the pit.

Once you learn the idea, you will begin to recognize it everywhere you go. This will be all the proof that you need that it truly is the key to success. So if it is so accessible, why aren’t there more successes? Leaps of faith are always difficult. Sometimes it may appear that they require careful planning and execution. In reality, determining what you want to achieve is important, but not everything. All this success requires is courage beyond what we believe ourselves capable. So push yourself beyond what you believe you can do. Be ready to face failure after failure, and don’t stop until you know that it has all been worth it.




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